Accelerated modular solutions for radiotherapy vaults and clinics.

Trying to do more with less while dealing with increased competition and an irritable clinical team? Tired of being known as a C-E-NO?


RAD has the answers

Let us show you how to increase the internal rate of return (IRR) of your institution’s precious capital.  There is no value in suffering through another year’s budget cycle for a business improvement that makes sense today. With a RAD lease, you can be operating in months instead of years from now.


Looking to expand or add radiotherapy functions at your recently acquired facility?

Let RAD show how a PRO System and related clinic space can get you in the radiotherapy business without capital. Need a CT suite or additional infusion space? RAD can package all of your clinical needs together into a comprehensive center.

Perhaps your 10 – 12 year old accelerator, which should have been replaced by now, has caused your referral network to start sending patients to your competitor across town with new equipment. Maybe it was down too many days last month. How do you upgrade without shutting down? And, how do you deal with an idle clinical staff for the 4 month process? RAD has the answers: The RAD TRV is the perfect solution.


Rent a Temporary Radiotherapy Vault (TRV) for 3 to 6 months and continue to treat while upgrading your equipment and renovating your vault

With the TRV, by RAD Technology, your staff remains productive and revenues remain constant. Perhaps most important, your referrals will remain intact while vital upgrades are done.