Global Partners


RAD Technology Medical Systems is collaborating with Q-bital Healthcare Solutions, also known in the UK, as Vanguard Healthcare Solutions. The two companies are working together to bring a hybrid mobile radiotherapy solution to Europe and other locations throughout the world.
Q-bital/Vanguard is a provider of mobile healthcare solutions. They have deployed facilities to 14 different countries and their fleet can facilitate over 75% of all clinical procedure types performed in major acute hospitals.
RAD already provides temporary and interim radiotherapy services and sees the collaboration with Q-bital as another strategic service for customers and geographic locations where mobile logistics are essential.

Q-bital/Vanguard CEO David Cole and RAD President John Lefkus celebrate the collaboration.


RAD has partnered with DMDmodular in Poland. They will be a manufacturer of RAD’s Modular Healthcare Facilities in Europe and other overseas locations.
DMDmodular provides off-site modular construction technology and specializes in planning, designing, and construction. Their central European production facility is located in the outskirts of Krakow, Poland making most of Europe easily accessible.

RAD President John Lefkus and DMDmodular CEO Ewelina Woźniak–Szpakiewicz PhD, on DMD’s factory floor


RAD has established an alliance with Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) in the UK. RLB will provide consultancy services for our projects in the UK including

  • Project Management
  • Cost Management
  • Health Strategy and Planning
  • Data Modelling and Analysis

RLB is an independent construction, property and management consultant, providing advice focused on the cost, quality and sustainability of the built environment.

Site visit by RLB Healthcare Partner Kyle McClelland, RAD President John Lefkus and RAD Architect George Olear at a potential project site