The RAD Team


John Lefkus


John Lefkus is the President and a principal owner of RAD Technology. Providing key day-to-day leadership and direction for RAD Technology, John helps clients navigate and problem-solve their facility projects.

John brings over 30 years of design-build experience and wisdom to the table, including a wealth of knowledge about modular construction and how it can help transform the healthcare and cancer industry.

Over the course of his career, John has worked on a myriad of different projects encompassing a wide variety of industries, including everything from working with Disney to create new parks at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland to helping the US Government to rethink the way they handle the international construction of their embassies.

When John learned Russia had bugged the new US Embassy in Moscow during the construction phase, he knew there was a solution. Never one to shy away from a challenge, John worked with the United States Government to revolutionize the way they built embassies across the globe by proposing that new installations be designed and built modularly in the US and then shipped overseas to be assembled, thus cutting down on potential security issues. Not only did the idea introduce modular force protective construction, it also earned the project the 1999 Design-Build Excellence Award for the Kyrgyzstan Embassy and a spot on the front page of the Wall Street Journal for his work on the embassy in Guinea-Bissau. Along with his other accolades, John also received an award from the US State Department for his efforts “to reinvent and reengineer the United States Government…to the aspirations and expectations of the American People.”

Now, with his proven track record of being able to provide innovative design-build solutions to important organizations at pivotal times, John has turned his attention and talent to the healthcare field, leading the RAD Technology team in providing advanced modular structures that offer distinct advantages to hospitals and healthcare facilities. While his career spans over three decades, so too does his relationship with other key members of the RAD Technology team. The trust and dedication built up over years of working together, along with John’s leadership and experience, helps RAD Technology to deliver the absolute best client experience.

When he’s not busy interfacing with clients or leading the RAD Technology team, John enjoys bass fishing and watching baseball, especially The New York Yankees.