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Radiotherapy Vaults, Proton Vaults, Cancer Clinics and Medical Oncology Facilities
Temporary Radiotherapy Vaults – Modular Design, Build Finance Solutions for Cancer Facilities.

RAD Technology Medical Systems is Design-Build-Financer of modular vaults and clinics that can be offered as temporary, interim or permanent facility solutions. Not a modular shielding system using lead or concrete blocks, but a modular building system comprised of factory finished sections complete with mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems and pre-installed and commissioned accelerators.

The patented radiation vault system offers unparalleled speed and flexibility using granular radiation shielding in fluid communication. Coupled with modular clinic and healthcare space, RAD offers complete facility solutions with unique leasing terms. Explore the world of RAD and learn how our patented modular vault technology, architects, physicist, accelerator engineers and construction managers take a project from concept to final solution.